What is Caffeine Adult Allergy Testing Procedure?

What is Caffeine Adult Allergy Testing Procedure?

Do you know that caffeine allergy is possible? Caffeine is available in different forms and it is possible that a person may be allergic to one form of caffeine but he is able to tolerate other forms of the chemical. Caffeine in itself is a psychoactive substance and it can cause different reactions in the body that can also cause dependence. It is not just found in coffee; caffeine may also be in cacao or chocolate, tea and may also be used as an additive to cola drinks and energy drinks.

Caffeine is known to be a stimulant, it can raise blood pressure levels, respiration and pulse rate. It is also a natural diuretic. In average doses, caffeine is known to be safe but in high doses it may already be considered toxic to the different body systems. People that do not know that they have caffeine adult allergy to a form of caffeine nay suffer from severe allergic reaction and even death when this condition is not relieved.

So how do you know if you are allergic to caffeine and its many forms? Here are known caffeine adult allergy testing procedures done in doctor’s offices, medical clinics, medical diagnostic centers and in hospitals.

A skin prick test

This is test, an area or a patch of skin is used to test for caffeine allergy. Usually the inner forearm of the patient is used since this area is lighter colored compared to other areas of the skin in the body; it is also accessible to the medical technologist that will conduct the test.

The area is cleaned with antiseptic and then a small amount of caffeine is introduced to the skin via a small needle prick. The substance is placed in the subcutaneous layers of the skin creating a small wheal in the process. The wheel is encircled with black ink and then labelled with the time the test was done. The technologist will instruct the patient to protect the area and monitor his reactions. The results are taken after 30 minutes; if there is itching, elevation, redness or swelling then a positive allergy result is confirmed. This test may also be done to find out if a person is allergic to certain medications and chemicals.

A blood test

Possibly the most reliable caffeine adult allergy testing procedure is through a blood test. A blood sample is taken by a medical technologist and then this is properly labelled and sent to the lab immediately. Allergy testing for all kinds of caffeine will be conducted on the blood sample. Results will be available after a few days and the doctor will only be able to provide the right diagnosis and treatment for allergies as well as allergy preventive measures right after the results are known. Blood tests are done when a skin test seems effective. This test is also the best alternative to determine the right kind of chemical or food allergy the patient has.