What are the Caffeine Allergy Symptoms?

caffeine allergy symptoms

As the issue regarding caffeine allergy have taken the globe by storm, many are looking up for its symptoms. Many, for years, have not known the existence of caffeine allergy. Moreover, as many people are using caffeinated products nowadays, the issue regarding this allergy has garnered interest from many people. We are always consuming caffeinated foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, sodas, colas, chocolates etc. This causes problems to people who cannot tolerate caffeine, as they are highly sensitive.

However, the effect that caffeine has on us differs from one person to another. To the greater population of general mass, it does not pose any threat. On the other hand, those who suffer from caffeine allergy suffer from various allergic symptoms.

Below are some most common Caffeine allergy symptoms:

  • Some of the caffeine allergy symptoms are psychological. This leads a person suffering from allergy to behave unexpectedly. They feel insecure and behave irritably. Paranoia, anxiety and fear are also triggered as a sense of great confusion might arise. This will lead to focusing problem and exhaustion.
  • Because of the similarity in psychotic symptoms, physicians who are not aware of this allergy often diagnose the patients’ symptoms and think it off as symptoms of attention deficit disorder. It is because caffeine makes the glands produce certain chemicals that can often lead to psychosis. If it is not treated timely or in the right way, this can lead to permanent psychosis.
  • Another one of the prominent caffeine allergy symptom is change in mood. As the patients experience mood swings often, it affects their productivity as well as the people they hand around, the organization they work in, etc. This causes them to lose focus and lose the right direction to their path of life. Not only becomes that, the patients obsessed with small and insignificant things. Some have even complained about hallucinating and thus it makes them delusional.  Often times the delusions are so vivid and lively that they cause nightmares to occur frequently. This leads to lack of sleep.
  • Caffeine can cause sensitive people to lose conscious state of mind. Therefore, the patients become exhausted and often fall asleep or pass out without any kind of warning. It also affects the sleeping pattern. The patients often complain about insomnia as they cannot sleep well at night. Staying awake for longer hours affect the productivity and attention of the patients and therefore they become irritable and anxious. This can also lead to increase in libido which is insatiable, exhaustion and makes the patients eat more.
  •  The most common caffeine allergy symptoms are rashes and hives. The patients can experience itchiness and swelling in lips, mouth, face tongue, throat etc. places. The rashes and hives take time to appear. Skin can get inflamed and patients might experience swelling on face as well. This swelling affects the breathing and eating of patients.
  • Other symptoms include-

Skin problems such as eczema, severe itching, acnes etc, migraines and headaches, concentration disorder,  swelling in glands, quickened heart rate and palpitation, anxiety, panic attack, jitters and shakiness, pain in chest area, fatigues, muscle pain, depression and frustration,  cold like symptoms, vision problem, shortness of breath, numbness in different places of body parts etc.